ODP International Trip 2023 – Northern New England Select Team

New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont ODP’s have joined together to offer our U12-14’s & U15-17’s the opportunity to travel on an amazing International soccer tour to Europe in 2023! This will be a life-changing experience for the players and families. This will be a 9-day trip over President’s Day week from February 18th-26th, 2023 with the U12-14’s heading to London & Manchester and U15-17’s heading to Milan & Turin.

This is an invite only trip to Boys & Girls & our teams will have chance to sightsee & explore famous cities, attend a professional match, have a professional clinic with a pro academy, Tour famous Stadiums, play 3 international matches against local clubs/academies & training sessions with ODP staff!

Here are the players selected from New Hampshire:

First Name Last Name Initial Year Team
Lilly B 2006 Older Girls Team
Kaylee M 2006 Older Girls Team
Alina SG 2006 Older Girls Team
Lauren C 2006 Older Girls Team
Somer L 2006 Older Girls Team
Brooke L 2007 Older Girls Team
McKenna M 2007 Older Girls Team
Katherine (GK) P 2007 Older Girls Team
Kayla S 2007 Older Girls Team
Elizabeth S 2007 Older Girls Team
Noelle W 2007 Older Girls Team
Alexa G 2008 Young Girls Team
Sylvia G 2008 Young Girls Team
Maile S 2008 Young Girls Team
Lydia W 2008 Young Girls Team
Katina P 2009 Young Girls Team
Brenna C 2010 Young Girls Team
Mason J 2010 Young Girls Team
First Name Last Name Initial Year Team
Derek B 2006 Older Boys Team
Ryan F 2006 Older Boys Team
Colby B 2007 Older Boys Team
Nathan C 2007 Older Boys Team
Calvin J 2007 Older Boys Team
Leo G 2008 Young Boys Team
Vuk K 2008 Young Boys Team
Ali M 2008 Young Boys Team
Andrew W 2008 Young Boys Team
Darren J 2009 Young Boys Team
Nathaniel M 2009 Young Boys Team
Jacob C 2010 Young Boys Team
Ethan L 2010 Young Boys Team

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