FRISCO, Texas (August 15, 2019) – US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sport organization in America and the leader in youth soccer, is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with data-solutions company,TiPEVO. The partnership will promote TiPEVO-powered online information platforms that will help players and parents game plan all aspects of their youth soccer experience – including the new official US Youth Soccer Club Directory to be launched in the coming weeks.

“With TiPEVO’s help, our goal is for youth soccer to harness the power of technology as US Youth Soccer continues to lead by example, raising the bar for other sports to follow,” said Chris Moore, CEO of US Youth Soccer. “Improved access, understanding, and clarity align perfectly with our mission of making soccer the preeminent youth sport in the United States and our vision of providing the path for every player.”

TiPEVO’s advanced data technology will provide US Youth Soccer the opportunity to redefine the way information is discovered and communications occur throughout youth soccer. At the heart of the platform is a totally re-engineered US Youth Soccer Club Directory that will serve as a centralized platform to discover accurate and comprehensive information about every club and program in the country whose teams and players participate in US Youth Soccer programs, events, and competitions. Elements of the platform include transparent consumer reviews and a safe communication tool to be used between parents and clubs.

The unique ability of TiPEVO to integrate verified, independent, crowd-sourced reviews of clubs and programs brings a whole new dimension to the youth soccer landscape. The existence of enhanced transparency will help stimulate well-informed decision-making by players and parents, facilitate connections directly with club administrators, and ultimately help promote increased program quality.

“The combination of rich data complemented by shared consumer experiences has revolutionized many industries – now it’s the time for youth sports to take advantage,” said Dan Conte, Founder & CEO of TiPEVO. “Soccer is one of the most robust youth sports landscapes – partnering with US Youth Soccer is a magnificent opportunity to showcase the power of TiPEVO and its value in providing players and parents a voice and outlet through which they can make informed decisions about their sports experience. Why should it be easier to research a hotel or a restaurant than your kid’s youth soccer program?”

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